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/Queens /Bellaire

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Queens, NY 11427
Phone: (718) 776 3776

As of: 2016-04-26 00:00:00

Inspection Trends


Food not cooled by an approved method whereby the internal product temperature is reduced from 140º F to 70º F or less within 2 hours, and from 70º F to 41º F or less within 4 additional hours.
Food Protection Certificate not held by supervisor of food operations.
Accurate thermometer not provided in refrigerated or hot holding equipment.


Cold food item held above 41º F (smoked fish and reduced oxygen packaged foods above 38 ºF) except during necessary preparation.
Personal cleanliness inadequate. Outer garment soiled with possible contaminant. Effective hair restraint not worn in an area where food is prepared.
Plumbing not properly installed or maintained; anti-siphonage or backflow prevention device not provided where required; equipment or floor not properly drained; sewage disposal system in disrepair or not functioning properly.