NYC Health Ratings for Android

NYC Health Ratings for Android

I've entered NYC Health Ratings for Android into The NYC Big Apps 3.0 competition. If you find this app useful and appreciate it please vote for me here NYC Big Apps 3.0: NYC Health Ratings for Android

No more wondering, is that restaurant with the great fish tacos clean and safe to eat in? The NYC Health Ratings Android app lets you search for restaurants by name, location, cuisine type and grade. We provide detailed health inspection results by date for all 24,000 plus restaurants in New York City. You can download the latest version on the android market here nyc health ratings for android.

Search results default to your current location determined by your phones network connection. You can override this by entering an address, zip code or neighborhood name which is then geocoded to find its latitude and longitude. When searching, a list of results ranked by distance and name are presented. You can view the detailed results here or click on a restaurant and it will take you to its position on the map. Once there you can view it and share it with friends.

In today's age why keep it to yourself? That's why we've added the ability to share the results you find on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Foursquare is the premier location based, social neighborhood discovery tool. Our Foursquare integration lets you share results by checking in to a restaurant and shouting the results to your friends or by leaving a tip at a restaurant which includes the restaurant scores and a link to the detailed inspection results.

This Weeks Stats

10 Best neighborhoods:

  • Concourse Village, Bronx: average score 7.90
  • JFK Airport, Queens: average score 8.68
  • Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: average score 8.92
  • Nolita, New York: average score 9.16
  • Morningside Heights, New York: average score 9.26
  • Long Island City, Queens: average score 9.37
  • Bedford Park, Bronx: average score 9.38
  • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn: average score 9.41
  • TriBeCa, New York: average score 9.44
  • Heartland Village, Staten Island: average score 9.46

10 Worst neighborhoods:

  • Rego Park, Queens: average score 12.57
  • Longwood, Bronx: average score 12.39
  • Dyker Heights, Brooklyn: average score 12.24
  • Chinatown, New York: average score 12.07
  • Morrisania, Bronx: average score 11.80
  • North Corona, Queens: average score 11.70
  • Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn: average score 11.60
  • Sunset Park, Brooklyn: average score 11.59
  • Maspeth, Queens: average score 11.50
  • Downtown Flushing, Queens: average score 11.40

10 Best cuisine types: (minimum of 50)

  • Donuts: average score 7.93
  • Salads: average score 8.29
  • Café/Coffee/Tea: average score 8.60
  • Ice Cream, Gelato, Yogurt, Ices: average score 8.60
  • Sandwiches: average score 8.60
  • Juice, Smoothies, Fruit Salads: average score 8.69
  • Sandwiches/Salads/Mixed Buffet: average score 9.13
  • Hamburgers: average score 9.16
  • Bakery: average score 9.73
  • French: average score 9.84

10 Worst cuisine types: (minimum of 50)

  • African: average score 13.41
  • Chinese/Japanese: average score 13.35
  • Latin (Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, South & Central American): average score 12.18
  • Asian: average score 12.05
  • Peruvian: average score 11.81
  • Jewish/Kosher: average score 11.77
  • Spanish: average score 11.71
  • Seafood: average score 11.68
  • Indian: average score 11.65
  • Caribbean: average score 11.61