NYC Health Ratings was founded in 2011 to help provide the missing link in deciding on where to eat.

NYC Health Ratings provides the tools necessary to help make the right decision on where to eat. We have detailed inspection result for the over 24,000 restaurants in the five boroughs. The data we provide is arguably just as important as the usual criteria people use to decide on where they will dine. Our aim is to make this information as pervasive as possible to help people make the right choice.

NYC Health Ratings was founded in March 2011 by Aaron Dancygier. As a life long New Yorker and a huge tech nerd I thought this would be great for the city while being fun to build. I believe the data is incredibly valuable to the citizens of this city. Why hide it? Use it and share it.

If you were wondering how this site was built, it's written in Ruby with the Ruby on Rails framework, Mysql, Prototype.js, jQuery, Apache Solr, MongoDB and RabbitMQ. The data automation scripts are written in Perl.

This site is constantly undergoing improvements so check back often. If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to email me at aaron@nychealthratings.com

This Weeks Stats

10 Best neighborhoods:

  • Concourse Village, Bronx: average score 7.90
  • JFK Airport, Queens: average score 8.68
  • Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: average score 8.92
  • Nolita, New York: average score 9.16
  • Morningside Heights, New York: average score 9.26
  • Long Island City, Queens: average score 9.37
  • Bedford Park, Bronx: average score 9.38
  • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn: average score 9.41
  • TriBeCa, New York: average score 9.44
  • Heartland Village, Staten Island: average score 9.46

10 Worst neighborhoods:

  • Rego Park, Queens: average score 12.57
  • Longwood, Bronx: average score 12.39
  • Dyker Heights, Brooklyn: average score 12.24
  • Chinatown, New York: average score 12.07
  • Morrisania, Bronx: average score 11.80
  • North Corona, Queens: average score 11.70
  • Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn: average score 11.60
  • Sunset Park, Brooklyn: average score 11.59
  • Maspeth, Queens: average score 11.50
  • Downtown Flushing, Queens: average score 11.40

10 Best cuisine types: (minimum of 50)

  • Donuts: average score 7.93
  • Salads: average score 8.29
  • CafĂ©/Coffee/Tea: average score 8.60
  • Ice Cream, Gelato, Yogurt, Ices: average score 8.60
  • Sandwiches: average score 8.60
  • Juice, Smoothies, Fruit Salads: average score 8.69
  • Sandwiches/Salads/Mixed Buffet: average score 9.13
  • Hamburgers: average score 9.16
  • Bakery: average score 9.73
  • French: average score 9.84

10 Worst cuisine types: (minimum of 50)

  • African: average score 13.41
  • Chinese/Japanese: average score 13.35
  • Latin (Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, South & Central American): average score 12.18
  • Asian: average score 12.05
  • Peruvian: average score 11.81
  • Jewish/Kosher: average score 11.77
  • Spanish: average score 11.71
  • Seafood: average score 11.68
  • Indian: average score 11.65
  • Caribbean: average score 11.61