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NYC Health ratings has had a presence on twitter for over a year now.  We tweet out restaurant inspections daily.  Restaurant inspections are searchable via the following hash tags. #nycgrade_A #nycgrade_B #nycgrade_C #nycgrade_p #nycgrade_closed


A new feature that we are super excited about is our ability to interactively reply to health ratings queries.  For example the following tweet “@nyhealthratings what is the health rating of mooncake foods in|at|@ tribeca ny, 10013” text in red is required, text in blue is variable and dynamic.  So you would simply replace “mooncake foods” with whatever restaurant you were interested in.  For address or location you can use “in” “at” or “@” depending on the sentence and preference followed by address or neighborhood of the restaurant.  The more specific the address the better the results.  This new feature is experimental and there may be bugs but give it a try.


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